Welcome foreign friend!

Welcome to the webpage of “De Groene Soos” our association for historical military vehicles owners and enthusiasts.

We are an association for military vehicles that are no longer produced. For example the well know vehicles that were active in the second world war like Willys, GMC, Dodge, Diamond T, Chevrolet, Bedford QL, but also the lesser known vehicles such as the Chevrolet HUP and Austin “Bellcar”. Furthermore even vehicles younger than that are well represented in our collection; Willys M38A1, Nekaf, LaRo, a DAF diversity, Munga and so further.

Throughout the year we organise multiple tours and yearly a weekend full of companionship, activities, joint meals and of course beautiful tours. We also co-operatie in several commemorations around the local World War II happenings and casualties.

We meet every 1th Thursday of the month. Furthermore we offer the opportunity for technical advice and room for maintenance of the vehicles once a month for our members.

Since most of our members are from the eastern part of the Netherlands this webpage is mostly in Dutch but please feel welcome to take al look at the pictures, our list of usefull and interesting webpage links or leave a message in the guestbook.

You are more than welcome to contact us with any questions, suggestions or other messages through our contact form.